Wear the Rainbow

Whether your style is limited to a palette of greys and neutrals or if you’re a technicolour #BossBabe like me, this season, everything is wild array of technicolour! From sparkly brights to glittering hues, no matter the statement piece it’s gotta be rainbow!


Every piece of jewellery adorning Instagram lately is shining with rainbows. Multistone necklaces, bracelets, and rings – everything is either encrusted in patterns of colour or stacked in rainbows. Playful and bold, the trend is inspired by so many things from the serious matter of gender equality to fun side of accessorizing and just being out there. The style is fun and that’s what’s really catching everyone’s eye.


Matching your accessories by colour and outfitting your hands with an eclectic mix of yellow here and pink there, even the minimalist is taking to the trend – it’s just easy to wear and fun to play with. That’s the power of the kaleidoscope ;)

Gucci slayed with their avant-garde take on the style, throwing in pearls and other textures to maximize the chic effect. But the truth is, you don’t have to go so out there to make a statement. The rainbow speaks for itself. 


Make space on your wrist for colourful tennis bracelets, layers on your neck of multi-coloured chains and stones, and dangly earrings in all colours to match any outfit or look. There is an option for every accessorizer, and trendwatchers say the rainbow has staying power, so don’t be shy when it comes to investing in colourful jewellery.


Unlike purses and shows that come in and out of style, jewellery evolves at a slower pace, and if highly personal in terms of the sentiment it carries. Green and blue zigzag rings may go out of style in a few years, but if your boo bought it for an anniversary, you’ll wear it forever. That’s the name of the jewellery game. So invest in a piece that feels right for you in the colour that means something to you. It could be your fave colour or the colour of your birthstone. That’s the best part of the rainbow, there’s something for everyone!

Happy shopping!


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