The Perfect Valentine’s Gift

Valentine’s Day is the one day a year that couples celebrate their love for each other. You could exchange gifts, choose to skip the presents and do dinner, or skip all that and just Netflix and chill. No matter how you celebrate, it’s always nice to mark the occasion with something memorable. Valentine’s Day is the one day a year when you plan an entire day or evening around how to show someone you love them. That’s #kindofspecial.


There are a few great gift ideas that are on constant rotation, but the truth is, there’s only one perfect gift.

Jewellery. Head-to-toe. Jewellery. Any kind. Just make it jewellery.


A girl can never have too much floss – from eternity bands and engagement rings (even if you aren’t engaged!), to tennis necklaces and charm bracelets. Silver, gold, diamond, it don’t matter… just deck. me. out.


Your boo can make Valentine’s Day special for you with chocolates or flowers, but come on ladies, those gifts don’t last. But an eternity band? That lasts forever. Pro tip on Valentine’s day: drop a hint, snap a screenshot, or leave your phone lying around. That way he knows what you want and won’t screw up.


Other fabulous ways to celebrate the day of love… spoil yourself and indulge in that piece you’ve been eying.  Get whatever it is your heart desires and make a commitment to yourself. It may be 10 years since How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days, but in the words of Benjamin Barry, “Ladies, frost yourself.” A campaign that tells women we don’t need a man to buy us diamonds, we are independent women and can frost ourselves!


When it comes to fashion accessories there is something to match everyone’s style and taste. From minimalist and classic to edgy or diva. Diamonds are every girl’s best friend. So this Valentine’s Day, look around and scope what you want and then, make it happen! Happy Valentine’s Day #BossBabes!



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