The Jelly Kelly

When Hermes came out with a limited edition orange vinyl Kelly, the fashion world went crazy!


We all know that when it comes to sick purses, Hermes knows what they’re doing. But, I don’t even think the fashion house knew the trend power that this vinyl Kelly would have. Back in 1998, Hermes celebrated their 160th as well as the newly opened store in Japan. To mark the occasion, they designed a Kelly that had “un voyage au pays des merveilles” written in a graffiti font across the front. When something as rare and fantastic as this Kelly hits the scene, people go wild… and they still are!



The Kelly is a fashion wonder and it’s impossible to get your hands on. Not only is it the “it” bag right now, but it’s a limited edition, which means, only the high and mighty get to treat their arms to this candy. Obviously, the harder it is to find, the more we want it – so Drippin Jewellery solved that problem, making it available to the limited few who shop fast ;)


The vinyl Kelly was created and built to perfection, and we’re obsessed with the fact that it’s transparent. It’s so different and so chic, and it just screams high fashion. The way it’s styled on some of the most popular celebs and influencers shows how diverse the appeal is. The Kardashians clearly have an addiction to Hermes, as does the famous #RichKid Dorothy Wang and each and every Real Housewife, but it doesn’t end there. Celebs like Rita Ora and Ariana Grande also made this exclusive piece so desirable, toting it around so flawlessly with just about any outfit. Instagram is blowing up with Kelly envy!


You can be one of the VIP club - Shop your Kelly here and find your way into the wonderland ;)




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