The Eternity Ring

Fashion accessories have always been the best way to take your outfit to the next level. By adding pops of colour on a necklace or wearing stacked rings in an array of options, there are so many ways to personalize your look.

Drippin Jewellery has a few favourite ways to elevate your accessory game and it starts with the eternity band. Typically, the eternity band was worn by married ladies and was a symbol of a milestone in a relationship. If you love the stacked look, you could wear multiple eternity bands and really ball out. Your partner could buy it for you or you could power play and get one for yourself! Why should you have to wait to be married to put a ring on your own finger?!


Eternity rings are also called infinity rings – you get the point, they mean forever. They mean I love you and they’re a token of strong affection. With Valentine’s day coming up, this is the exact time you start hinting that you’re ready for the next step, or maybe just a promise.


We think eternity bands are a bold statement. They’re the perfect way to add some sparkle to a denim look or a touch of sophistication to a little black dress. Every occasion or celebration needs a little touch of glitz and glam, right?

Go big or go home, that’s our motto – that’s why we love to stack ‘em up! But no matter how you style them: with a wedding ring, a few on each hand, or riding solo, the eternity band is a must-have for every woman.





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